What Is The Best Underwear For Sweating??

) to try and find the answer.

I have found that what you wear is not nearly as important in keeping cool when working out, but it does make a difference. I believe if you can get under (or over) your clothing to create air circulation around your body, then this will work much better than any other method of cooling down. Below are some tips on how to do this for different activities:

Walking/Running – Wear loose fitting shorts or pants with one layer of thin material (like t-shirt), two shirts (one long sleeve and one short sleeve), carry a water bottle in case you need more liquid held close by your torso, carry an umbrella or plastic cover-up in case it starts raining; keep moving! You don’t want to be stuck inside during the heat wave…you’ll only get hotter! Also, take advantage of humidity by using deodorant before heading outside so sweat doesn’t cling to clothes like glue.

Swimming – Swimsuits should be worn under swimwear so they act as “air pockets” which draw moisture away from skin surface area; also use dry shampoo between swimming sessions for added protection against chlorine burns; while swimming always go easy on yourself because if things start feeling too hot just slow down and rest until things cool off again

Biking/Runninhg indoors – Wearing something that allows air flow through would help prevent sweating issues while exercising especially when wearing athletic shoes without ventilation holes

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