What Is The Best Deodorant To Stop Sweating And Odor?


A) You’ll need to get rid of the source of your sweat odor. If you have a lot of body heat, it could be because there is something wrong with you. The best way to fix that is to go see a doctor and find out if there are any medical conditions that cause excess sweating or other problems that can contribute to smelling bad. You should also take care not to overdo it in the gym — just pushing yourself too hard will make your body produce more sweat than normal and leave you sweating all day long! Good hygiene, getting enough sleep, and taking steps like using deodorant regularly will help stop this from happening. Also remember to drink lots of water so when you do start working out or doing anything else outside in warm weather, your cells won’t become dehydrated quickly leaving them unable to retain as much moisture in their tissues which means they won’t sweat as much either!

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