What Is The Best Deodorant To Stop Excessive Sweating?

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Thanks for posting this question. I was very surprised to see that the majority of people are experiencing excessive sweating due to their armpit odor! This can be embarrassing and can lead you to become self-conscious about your body odor. However, it is important that you take care of yourself by using a deodorant or antiperspirant that will help minimize this problem.

There are many brands and types on the market today including: crystal deodorants and roll ons and aerosol cans (also known as spray deodorants). If you have sensitive skin then an antiperspirant may be more appropriate since they contain aluminum salts which block sweat glands from working properly. The most common problem with these products however is the smell…most users compare them to burning garbage such as charcoal briquettes (this includes those who use both types; some like it but others don’t).

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