What Is The Best Deodorant For Sweating Armpits?

the best deodorant for sweating armpits?

I have been using the same stuff since I was 14 years old, and I am now 28. Sometimes when it is really hot out, if I sweat a lot from exercise or other things that makes me perspire , then my arm pits will stink. There are many different kinds of deodorants sold at department stores and drugstores but they don’t work very well on my underarms where the sweat glands lie because they make your clothes smell bad even though you put them in the dryer later. What kind of product do you recommend I try to find something that will keep me from smelling like an insan … Read More ยป It’s possible to get this condition on one side only (unilateral), on both sides (bilateral) or on both underarms simultaneously (bilateral). Zinc oxide is great for treating odor-causing bacteria found in moist areas such as underarm hair follicles, groin area and vagina; note: not effective against fungal infections! We all know how bad our stinky feet can be – especially after we’ve worn socks all day long – but did you know that your armpits can be equally smelly?

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