What Is Sweating?

” The answer is “most likely,” because sweating usually indicates that your body is working hard.

When you start to sweat, the first thing to do is take a break. Get up and move around or go outside for some fresh air! You can also try drinking more water or eating foods high in electrolytes (like bananas) so that your muscles continue to function properly after you stop exercising.

Once you’ve stopped sweating, it may be tempting to drink sports drinks like Gatorade or PowerAde immediately—but don’t do it! If this was indeed dehydration causing your problem then the best way forward would be by consuming water/electrolyte replacement – not replacing lost fluids with other fluids. Dehydration generally occurs due to excessive consumption of fluid during exercise and should only be treated when consumed over a day-long period of time rather than as acute issue overnight due to inadequate hydration.

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