What Is Sweating Vegetables?

eat more vegetables. they help your body detoxify and cleanse.

what is sweating like? it’s my body telling me i need to eat more greens! (it can also be a sign that you are thirsty, which means you may want to drink some water).

is there anything else I can do besides eating/drinking more veggies? yes! another thing is to make sure the fruits and vegetables you eat are organic. this will ensure vitamins stay in your digestive system longer, rather than being washed out with chemical pesticides or fertilizer at the farm level of produce production. of course, if you buy from stores that have food waste programs then by all means choose their foods over conventionally grown ones – but ideally what ever type of produce you eat should be organic. go ahead pick up one of those bags full of compostable coffee grounds at any grocery store for example – worth it!! check out these great resources on buying organic: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/recipes_organic-produce#buyer Beware though – not all “organic” labels mean healthy food, so read the fine print before purchasing things labeled as such..

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