What Is Sweating Sickness?

“You know the sickness that afflicted the English army in 1349?”

He stared at her. “Yes, I do believe it was called something-or-other. Now you are making fun of me.” She smiled, which did not reassure him at all, and said: “The soldier who stayed behind to care for his sick comrades—it is possible he became infected with a plague bacterium after caring for them; but if so it would have taken years before symptoms appeared or were recognized as such by others around him; none of this happened until several months after the troops had left their camp near Sandwich . . . But enough—I can see you are still thinking about your book! Well, there is no need to worry overmuch about my credibility here. You wanted to find out what kind of person I am inside myself? That question takes precedence over everything else in your mind tonight! It has been different since our last meeting; yes? Your interest in me has moved on from mere fraternization into more personal territory than ever before or since! And now we reach the climax of this story—the bit where things begin really hotting up between us! What will happen when we get back home again?! Oh dear God . . . well then let us go home quickly and explore these possibilities together while they remain open before us! Come along then—let us return to London , the capital city of the world itself

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