What Is Sweating A Symptom Of?

sweating is a symptom of:

a. hypo-thyroidism b. hyper-thyroidism c. diabetes d. thalassaemia e. anaemia

What is the usual cause of sweating?

a. decreased blood sodium levels b. increased blood potassium levels c . elevated body temperature d . increased carbon dioxide in the blood e . all of these are correct except for what i’ve written above f . none of these are correct g . all of these are correct h . none of these are correct I’ve just asked you to describe symptoms, not diseases so it’s pretty simple to see that this question has nothing to do with this text book! Even if you had managed to answer correctly, there would be no way that anyone would guess your answer was right without further explanation! So don’t even try it on an exam where there will be people doing their own mock exams and they’ll know instantly who got them wrong…

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