What Is Sweating A Sign Of?

Sweating in a dog is not a sign of anything abnormal. It’s simply a way for your dog to cool down in hot weather or during exercise, and to help regulate body temperature when he becomes overheated after physical activity. Although some dogs do sweat profusely, others hardly ever sweat at all. Some breeds are more prone than others to experience excessive sweating; the Doberman Pinscher is one of these breeds.

Why does my dog get sweaty paws?

Many dogs will become sticky-pawed if they don’t get enough moisture on their paws or skin (such as from walking on dry ground) while trying to keep themselves cool with perspiration. If this happens frequently, it can lead to blisters and calluses on your pet’s feet that may be painful and difficult for him to walk on. The best thing you can do if your pet gets sweaty paw pads is give him frequent baths or apply plenty of moisturizing ointment immediately afterward so his foot pads stay soft and supple instead of becoming hard like cement blocks!

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