What Is Head Sweating A Symptom Of?

Head sweating is a symptom of heat exhaustion or heat stroke that occurs when the body’s temperature rises above its normal range, often due to strenuous exercise. It can be caused by high temperatures, humidity and/or excessive sweating from other causes.[1] Head sweating occurs in about 2% of people during exertion[2][3] and may indicate a more serious problem such as heatstroke. The term “heat rash” has been used to describe this condition.[4][5][6][7] Sweating may also occur with gastroenteritis,[8] Parkinson’s disease,[9] chronic fatigue syndrome[10], Lyme disease[11], multiple sclerosis,[12], eczema,[13] lupus erythematosus[14], systemic lupus erythematosis[15], psoriasis [16], Sj√∂gren’s syndrome [17]. Another possible cause is hyperhidrosis. In these cases it should be noted that this could just mean that sweat glands are not working normally but does not necessarily mean that there is any type of viral infection going on inside the body leading to an inflammatory reaction which would explain all symptoms including headache , fever , nausea / vomiting , diarrhoea etc.. These symptoms do not always have a physiological reason behind them so another diagnosis must always be considered before a simple virus or bacterial infection can be ruled out . You will need antibiotics for bacterial infections which you will then take if necessary once your doctor has

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