What Is Excessive Sweating A Symptom Of?

Excessive sweating is a symptom of a number of conditions, but there are a few main causes. The most common cause of excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis which occurs when the sweat gland does not produce enough sweat to keep you at your normal temperature. There may also be an underlying medical condition that triggers it or stress can cause it as well.

What treatments do I need for excessive sweating?

You will need to visit your doctor if you have been experiencing excessive sweating and they will check out what has caused the issue and whether there are any other reasons for this type of problem. You may require treatment from them or perhaps medications prescribed by them depending on what the underlying reason behind the excess sweating is and its severity. If you have developed lesions on your face because of this then these could possibly be removed surgically so that they don’t become permanent scars (should they return). Usually you should see some improvement after 2-3 months although severe cases may take up to 6 months before seeing positive results.

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