What Is Excessive Sweating A Sign Of?

Excessive sweating is a sign of various medical conditions, including hyperhidrosis. In very rare cases, people have been known to develop excessive sweating as a side effect from using an over-the-counter medicine that affects the nervous system. If you are concerned about excessive sweating and it’s causing problems in your life, talk with your doctor or other healthcare provider right away.

What causes this condition?

Researchers aren’t sure what causes hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). They also don’t know how common it is or whether women are affected more often than men by the disorder. However, they do know that many factors can trigger excessive underarm and/or hand sweat: Stressful situations such as public speaking Fear Physical activity Hot weather Illness Pregnancy

In some cases, changes in body temperature may cause underarm and/or hand perspiration levels to rise significantly and quickly – especially after physical exertion – but there’s no evidence that having high temperatures helps cause this type of sweat secretion disorder. Researchers believe that genetics play a role because some people – even those who never had any symptoms before – suddenly develop the condition at around age 50 years old.

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