What Is Best Deodorant For Excessive Sweating?

The best deodorant for excessive sweating is a matter of personal choice, but if you have any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients in your current product, it may be worth trying an alternative. The key thing when choosing a new product is to find one which does not contain aluminium chloride and/or zinc sulphide. These are known irritants that can cause skin irritation and even contact dermatitis [3]. If you wish to avoid these substances entirely then look for natural alternatives such as coconut oil [4], shea butter [5] and arrowroot powder [6].

How do I use deodorant?

Follow directions on tube or container carefully – usually 2-3 times per day after wash, shower & before going out. Avoid applying too much at once because this will make it difficult for the substance to spread evenly over the surface of the skin. This means don’t wear something else under your normal clothing while using it (e.g., sweat pants). Some people prefer putting their regular antiperspirant directly on top of their deodorant instead of underneath because they believe that this allows them more control over how much antiperspirant goes onto their clothes vs having no clothes at all! For advice on whether some products actually work better than others see our article “What works best…deodorants?”

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