What Is A Good Deodorant For Excessive Sweating?

I’m taking medication for my asthma and it makes me sweat uncontrollably, I’ve tried everything to stop sweating but nothing at all works. What is the best deodorant in the world? Does anyone know how to make deo that doesn’t cause excessive sweating or smell bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

How do you hide your underarm hair if you work outside?

My mom has really thick under armpit hair. I asked her what she does about it because she’s always wearing sleeveless tops and stuff like that now. She said she uses bicarb on her skin before leaving the house so then when she gets sweaty, her arm pits stay dry… But they still look gross & hairy. Are there any products out there that would help with this problem without looking weird/fake or anything ? Or maybe some tips on growing them out ? Thanks ! 🙂

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