What Home Remedy Can I Use To Stop My Head From Sweating??

Note: This remedy is only for those who sweat excessively. If you do not sweat, please ignore this remedy and move on to the next one.

Natural Homoeopathic Remedy: ARSENICUM CRUENTUM 4CH-5CH (4x) – 30C/6X/PRN as required – INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT

Directions: Take a tablespoon of this home remedy in an empty stomach every four hours with water until cured or as directed by your health care provider. Do not take more than prescribed or any less than prescribed without consulting your health care provider first. To make it easier to swallow, mix with honey or another sweetener before taking it. It may be taken up to twice daily if needed but should never be used long term because of its toxic effects on the liver and kidneys although short term use can correct excessive sweating due to acute fevers and other conditions that involve profuse sweating such as diarrhea, cholera etc.. This medicinal home remedy will also cure most common hormonal imbalances including hot flashes, night sweats etc.. Taking it at bedtime is highly recommended instead of during the day when people are active which often results in drowsiness rather than sleep at night causing perspiration through out the whole body especially head which leads me here today asking how I can stop my head from sweating? The reason being that no matter where I go none of these remedies works so far even though they have been

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