What Helps You Stop Sweating?

A: I think it’s a combination of things. Some of them are the way you’re brought up, some people have more self-control than others, and everything from watching television to playing video games can help too. With my brothers and sisters who played sports there was always a hot tub in our house, so we were exposed to that stuff early on. It wasn’t until high school did I start doing anything with it because no one was really into seeing me get sweaty or if they did they didn’t care. But when I started middle school I had more friends there and for whatever reason, even though nothing really changed physically about me except for how much work I put into being fit, everyone seemed to be having fun running around outside during recess instead of going down the slide at recess time which is what all the other kids were doing just like before fifth grade where everybody would run out on the football field while coaches would do their squats beside us while we were lined up trying not to fall over [laughs]. So maybe [there] was something different about me but no one ever noticed — well actually someone did notice once but he made fun of me by telling people “Kevin keeps getting sweatier.” He said it out loud so everyone could hear him say it! But he never said why he thought that was funny; nobody else realized either unless they saw my face at first person view saying “that guy keeps getting sweatier.” To this day whenever someone sees that picture (of

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