What Happens When The Body Loses Water Due To Sweating? Check All That Apply.?

? When we sweat to cool down, the blood flow in our body decreases and so does the temperature. Sweating is a natural process by which we can adjust our body temperature .

? As you know that when there is no water intake then your thirst sensation activates and when you drink some amount of water then it stops working. The level of hydration in your body depends on how much water you have drunk/absorbed from food etc. However, if sweating increases due to lack of proper drinking habits or exercise (which also depletes fluid) or if urination becomes more frequent than usual (due to illness), there will be problem with dehydration and this may cause heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion , dehydration , sunburns,heat stroke . It takes at least 4 liters of liquid for every pound of human weight. If u are not getting enough quality drinking fluids daily then try having an electrolyte beverage each day as they contain all essential minerals for health including sodium bicarbonate which helps regulate pH levels inside stomach helping prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD).remember drinking lotsa fluids keeps ur skin taut & moist,fights off d signs o aging including wrinklessmooth ? face + glow3 4 5 ? why people suffer from excessive sweating during summer?what happens when the body loses water due to sweating? check all that apply.?When we sweat to cool down, the blood flow in our body decreases and so

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