What Does The Smiling Sweating Emoji Mean?

The emoji is used to express happiness, joy and excitement. It is also used in texting as a way of saying “goodbye”.

When does the smiling sweating face pop up?

The smiling sweat face was first made available on iPhone in 2009. The exact date has not yet been verified though it’s believed it was released sometime during 2008. Over time, the emoji has become more popular amongst smartphone users all over the world; however many people still don’t know what it means or how to use this particular symbol correctly.

How do I use the smiley sweating face emoji?

People often associate sweat with activity so using this typeface can be seen as meaning that something is not only physically hard work but also emotionally draining too. For example: ‘I’m really tired after running for miles’. To share your feelings about physical exhaustion you could include this message within an emoticon text alongside an excited looking person wearing a big grin – perhaps even whilst giving them one of those thumbs-up signs! This will mean that anyone who receives your text will understand without needing any further explanation from you.

What other similar Emoji faces are there?

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