What Does Sweating Vegetables Mean?

What does sweating vegetables mean? Answers by: 1. Sweating is the body’s way of getting rid of toxins and waste products, as well as to help regulate temperature; it also occurs during exercise. 2. When your body sweats it means something is wrong with you because you sweat a lot more than the average person would…like if you have a fever or flu. What do I have?

Sweating means that there are bacteria present in the blood stream, which causes an overproduction of heat, so much so that your skin starts to perspire from this excess heat production. So what can cause excessive sweating? The following conditions may be responsible for excessive sweating: Inadequate intake of water – Water helps cool down your system and keeps toxins away from being absorbed into cells Electromagnetic disturbances – These include cell phones, television sets and other electrical appliances Heat exhaustion – This condition refers to a loss in fluid volume due to overexertion Hyperthyroidism Diabetes mellitus Congestive heart failure Heart pacemaker Electrolyte imbalance Viral infections Some medical conditions do not directly affect how hot or cold we feel but they can contribute by causing our circulatory systems… Read More

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