What Does Sweating Profusely Mean?

Sweating profusely means a person is sweating a lot. Sweating profusely can also mean that they are sweating a lot of sweat while doing something strenuous, such as running, playing sports or even while under intense heat. Someone who sweats profusely may have to take some time off from working out because the excessive perspiration makes them feel dizzy. When someone experiences these symptoms due to excessive sweating, it often manifests itself in less than 24 hours after the onset of exercise-related heat illness. If you’re experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, then you might want to seek immediate medical attention for possible dehydration and/or electrolyte problems related to your workouts.

The Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs when body temperature rises too high during intense physical activity due to being dehydrated or low on vital water supplies.

  • “Fever”: The area around the neck feels warm and there may be muscle aches or cramps

    Other signs: You cannot sweat hard enough; dry mouth; dizziness/lightheadedness; rapid breathing.(CDC)

Symptoms Of Dehydration

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