What Does Sweating Do For Your Skin?

The body’s natural defense against the external environment is to sweat, and when we work up a sweat, it releases toxins into our bloodstream. These toxins are then cleared by the kidneys and liver. If you’re not moving enough or doing things that require stored energy (such as sitting at a desk all day), your skin can become dehydrated because you aren’t clearing these toxins from your system. In addition to being an effective way of ridding yourself of harmful elements in your body, sweating also helps prevent odor from forming on your skin. Sweating opens up pores in the skin where bacteria can enter and stimulate a response called exfoliation or “shedding,” which allows dead cells to slough off leaving behind healthy new ones. This process reduces acne formation while exfoliating away old oil-based surface cells that could contribute towards blackheads/whiteheads/pimples during this time period.[5]

How do I keep my hair looking healthy?

Your hair is likely one of the most important features on your face when it comes to how people perceive you[6]. Your hair is made up mostly out of keratin protein [7] so if you have unhealthy looking strands they will reflect that same look onto other parts of your face such as dryness or dulling coloration in complexion [8]. If shampooing daily does not give you enough volume for everyday use consider using a deep conditioner once every week

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