What Does Sweating Bullets Mean?

We are not sure, but it’s a good way to describe the anxiety that comes with being worried about your finances. Stress is also one of the main causes for poor financial decisions. So here are some tips on how you can manage your stress better so you don’t have to sweat bullets anymore:

1) Stay away from debt; if possible, avoid taking out loans and start saving money right now. If you still need to borrow money, make an effort to pay off these debts as fast as possible. 2) Don’t be complacent; it’s easy to let things slide when times get tough because we think they always will; this is wrong thinking and doesn’t do us any favors at all! 3) Be prepared for events like loss of job or unexpected expenses; having an emergency fund set aside helps in such cases by giving us peace of mind during stressful situations 4) Keep up with all your payments on time no matter what their amount is 5) Stay positive about life 6) Take care of yourself first 7) Set realistic goals 8 ) Make personal changes 9 ) Stop talking negatively 10 ) Try something new 11 ) Think positively 12 ) Strive towards success 13 – Share what works

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