What Does Sweating A Lot During Exercise Mean?

A: Sweating during exercise is a normal response to an elevated body temperature. The sweat secreted by the skin helps lower your body temperature and keep you from overheating.

Q: If I have run even once, what should I do?

A: Rest at least 4 hours after your last run before beginning another workout program. If you have been running for several weeks or more, take a full recovery day in between each run session so that your muscles can fully recover. This will help prevent overuse injuries such as shin splints and runner’s knee. You may also want to stretch out prior to starting your next training session, especially if it’s for the first time since you have been running recently. In general, try not to train on consecutive days within 24 hours of each other because this could lead to muscle soreness and fatigue due to inadequate recovery time between workouts (see Chapter 3). To adequately prepare yourself for starting back into training after taking a break from running or doing less intense activities such as walking/hiking/strolling outside with friends and family, follow these guidelines:• Stretch thoroughly before beginning any new activity—especially if it has been a while since you ran outside regularly • Start with very low mileage—no more than 10–15 miles per week • Gradually increase mileage levels by no more than 5 miles per week until reaching 30–40 miles per week • Do some slow jogging / easy cycling around the block

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