What Does A Lot Of Sweating Mean?

You are having too much water loss. If you sweat a lot, it will show up as dehydration. You may be losing more than normal because of intense exercise or heat stress, or perhaps you have an illness such as diabetes which can cause excessive sweating and weight loss. Your doctor should know what is causing your excess sweating so treatment can be started to stop the problem occurring again in the future. Here we look at some common causes of excessive sweating:

What does excess sweating mean?

Excess sweating means that there is not enough fluid within your body, and this might lead to:

How often should I check my blood pressure?

Your GP will advise you how often it would be appropriate for them to do blood pressure checks on you if they think it necessary; however, people with high blood pressure (hypertension) usually take their own decision about which occasions are suitable for them to check their BP levels – each person’s circumstances will vary enormously! For those who need regular health checks or monitoring, these should include checking BP once every three months; other times may also involve checking BP occasionally but only periodically over a few weeks (for example after holidays). It’s important that your doctor knows exactly when and where these tests take place otherwise they won’t necessarily give accurate results – therefore always make sure before saying anything whether any particular test takes place at certain times of year etc., so that there isn’t any confusion between visits!

Does diet influence my

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