What Deodorants Stop Sweating?

The evolutionary function of sweating is to keep you cool so that your body can maintain a safe temperature. If you sweat, it’s because you need to cool down from the heat. Sweat has evolved as a defense mechanism against overheating and hyperthermia (an elevation in core body temperature above 98.6 degrees). In this case, keeping your blood vessels wide open where there is no constriction means they can take care of cooling by sending larger amounts of blood to the surface of the skin. When people sweat excessively or have sweaty palms, for example, their bodies are not able to regulate thermoregulation properly and begin putting extra stress on other parts of the system such as cardiovascular disease or breathing conditions like asthma. So be careful using deodorants! Don’t overuse them if you don’t want any side effects!

How do commercial deodorants work? How do they stop us from smelling bad?

Commercial deodorant products use perfumes and chemicals that mask odor rather than eliminate it permanently – which means we will continue reeking until we go out again once we reapply our antiperspirant/deo product. The industry does not define what “natural fragrance” should smell like – so many different scents are used: muskier floral notes; fruity clean scent; woody spicy scent; etc.. And then combinations with clove oil or ginger root essential oils take those original notes into

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