What Deodorant Works For Excessive Sweating?

Every body is different. As with most things, there is no one-size-fits all answer to how you should apply deodorant. For many people who have sensitive skin and won’t tolerate the typical antiperspirants that contain aluminum or other ingredients that can be irritating on their skin, natural mineral crystal deodorant works great for them as it does not contain any artificial chemicals like those found in commercial products and will not irritate their underarms (or make them smell bad). If we were going to choose a commercial product based off of its effectiveness alone we would pick Crystal Deodorant Paste , which has been around since the early 1900’s and once called “the best solution for excessive perspiration”. It’s made from natural mineral crystals such as kaolin clay (aka bentonite) that absorb excess moisture; they then neutralize odor causing bacteria by drawing out those nasty toxins through your pores where they become more available for elimination from your system. The only problem with this type of application is discovering what kind of crystal/clay mix works best for you so use a little caution when making a decision. It could possibly lead to an allergic reaction if applied too liberally so test it out first before applying copious amounts – try just a small spot on each arm after showering or wait until later in the day when sweating isn’t quite as much at night time -we suggest starting near your wrists where you sweat most or wear gloves during gardening season…like us!

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