What Deodorant Works Best For Excessive Sweating?

Body odor can be a significant problem for many people. There are a variety of reasons why body odor occurs, including the following: Poor hygiene—such as not washing your underarms daily and wearing tight-fitting clothing that does not allow air to circulate around the skin. Many people have sweat glands in their armpits that contribute to this problem by making excessive amounts of sweat when they’re under physical or emotional stress. In addition, some medications such as diuretics (water pills) and antacids decrease perspiration levels.

Infections in the armpit area—such as bacterial infection from shaving cuts or pimples on the skin in these areas, which make you smell bad because pathogens release toxins into your body during an infection. These infections cause white patches on your skin where bacteria may be present under redness where pus has been scraped away from infected skin layers with sharp instruments such as razors or fingernails; it is common for these spots to develop blisters if they remain untreated for too long since they become larger than other infected areas after prolonged engorgement (swelling). If left untreated long enough, these spots may also leave scars due to chronic inflammation caused by bacteria forming large ulcers that scar tissue begins to fill up over time; however, this type of scarring tends only affect those who take antibiotics regularly or frequently suffer from acne due to frequent breakouts (although there are exceptions). For more information about how antibiotics

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