What Deodorant Prevents Sweating The Best?

1. Deodorant does not prevent sweating per se, it just reduces the amount of sweat produced. Think of deodorant as a barrier between your skin and your bacteria-laden sweat glands, preventing them from getting to your skin to produce more sweat. Instead they stay on the surface where there is less moisture—and that’s what prevents you from stinking up everything around you.

2. Certain antiperspirants block active ingredients in our bodies’ natural odor defense mechanism (bacterial enzymes). This can be found in most anti-perspirants but even those with “all-natural” formulations like Burt’s Bees or Tom’s of Maine contain these potent compounds (an ingredient known as aluminum chloride hexahydrate). Research suggests that this compound may cause long term health issues including Alzheimer disease, kidney damage and cancer—so if possible try an all-natural deodorant like Naked without any added ingredients that interfere with this important body function!

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