What Controls Sweating?


12.07 Hello, if you are reading this to find out what controls sweating then the answer is not much at all. Sweating occurs as a natural process regulated by hormones which have different functions depending on where in the body they are found and how hot it is outside – just like your other bodily functions such as breathing or relaxing around children after dinner time.

Sweating happens because of heat loss from our skin surface to keep us cool (or, again depending on where we live). The sweat gland works very efficiently so that water can be extra-efficiently removed from the body’s tissues without feeling any discomfort.

The main job of the sweat glands is to remove excess salt (sodium chloride) that causes blisters when too much builds up inside our tissue cells due to dehydration, but they also act as an excellent radiator cooling system for anyone who lives near sea level with low humidity (which most Westerners do). (Check out this blog post about why the media reports “sea levels” differently.)

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