What Causes You To Wake Up Sweating?

Do you think it’s because your breathing is shallow? No. It could be because the temperature in your room is too cold or too warm causing different levels of hyperventilation.

There are many factors that can trigger hyperventilating, but I would like to focus on just one: anxiety. The more anxious something makes you, the more likely you will breathe out harder and deeper trying to get rid of your fear, stress or worry. If this has happened to you then know that there is nothing wrong with what you do; it’s perfectly normal! However if this has not happened to you yet don’t feel bad about having deep breathing issues; most people have them at some point in their lives (hyperventilate). Now let me tell the story of how I learned about deep breathing exercises…

On a late summer evening I found myself lying down on my bed wondering why I was feeling so agitated and stressed out all over again after having several sleepless nights followed by an awful day at work. All these feelings were taking control of my mind and body making me feel sick to my stomach every time they came up into my consciousness (anxiety). Every time things weren’t going well at work (stress), or whenever someone made fun of me for being fat/ugly/shy etc.) – any negative emotions whatsoever.. ,I used another form of therapy called “deep breathing” which works wonders when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.

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