What Causes Sweating Under Armpits?

sweating under armpits is a very common and often difficult to recognize condition. It presents as an excessive amount of sweat, which you don’t feel it coming out. Sweat is the body’s way of cooling itself down; it helps remove moisture from your skin and prepares cells for faster recovery after strenuous exercise or overexertion. If you’re sweating excessively, especially when sleeping (which most people do at least once per night), then this indicates that something may be off with one of the following:

Anxiety-induced hyperventilation : This occurs when anxiety causes our breathing pattern to become irregular and results in overcompensation by breathing too much air into lungs and subsequently exhaling more than we should (hence feeling like we’re “hyperventilating”). In order to breathe correctly, people use their diaphragm muscles as a support system for respiratory activity which aids in the exchange between oxygenated blood from arteries feeding oxygenated blood back into arterioles so that they can reoxygenate other capillaries throughout the body as well as being pumped around by heart muscle contractions on its way back up through arteries again.[26] However, if someone has high levels of stress on top of nervousness or feels anxious about something/someone then they will likely have more trouble controlling these muscle functions thus experience more physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness[27], dry mouth,[28]lightheadedness[29], stomach aches

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