What Causes Sweating In Your Sleep?

Some people sweat when sleeping, though again it is hard to say why. Some people may have a certain type of sleep disorder such as benign paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea (BPND), which can cause sweating during sleep and waking up to feel uncomfortable or sweaty for no apparent reason. There are also other causes, such as medication side effects which can cause excessive sweating at night and in the day time too; this is known as hot flushes or ‘manic’ episodes. Another common cause of excessive sweating at night is what we call central nervous system activity such as stress or anxiety – although this will vary from person to person depending upon their personality and mental state.

How do you control your saliva production? What products should I use?

There are many different types of mouthwashes that contain ingredients that stop excess saliva production: antacids sometimes work well alongside them but they aren’t always suitable if you need to swallow food after brushing your teeth – so another option is using salt water gargles instead – see below for more information on these options… If nothing works then ask your dentist/doctor about over-the-counter medications specifically designed for stopping saliva production. In some cases there may be other treatments available from an Oral Specialist – please go back here later on in the site where we list all our experts by location!

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