What Causes Sweating In The Head?

A. Eosinophilic cationic protein (EoC)

B. Basophilic cationic protein (BaC)

C. Catecholamines

D. Catecholestrogens

88. The nurse is assessing the weight of a patient who has just been admitted to the nursing unit for dehydration secondary to an unclear diagnosis of diabetes mellitus with no other apparent cause for her symptoms that are causing significant weight loss and risk for further complications, including diabetic ketoacidosis, fruity breath odor, renal failure, and death if left untreated on this floor of the hospital where she lives alone in her apartment complex with little food or fluid intake on most days since being diagnosed at home 2 years ago during which time she reported having 3 episodes of vomiting each lasting 30 minutes each occurring within 24 hours after eating meals containing large amounts of carbohydrates such as sweet foods with high glycemic indexes like white table sugar (sucrose), corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), fruit juices or similar products that contain high levels of glucose resulting in hyperglycemia; one episode occurred when she was found unconscious by her husband lying face-down without any sign around them identifying anything out-of-the ordinary until he noticed blood coming from his wife’s nose while walking up the stairs to their home; another episode occurred 4 months ago when she went outside onto their balcony after drinking orange juice because it tasted so good

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