What Causes Sweating Hands And Feet?

A. hot flash

B. menopause

C. anxiety/worry/depression D. fever, stress, or injury E. another medical condition Answer: A Explanation: Hot flashes are common in women with perimenopause and postmenopause but are not specific to these conditions A healthy woman may have a few hot flashes during her life time These appear as sudden bursts of heat that feel like they last only a few seconds The cause of the problem is unknown but has been linked to hormonal changes in the body Menopause itself causes no headache or sweating Another possible cause for this symptom is high levels of anxiety , which can make it difficult to fall asleep at night Other causes include thyroid problems , heavy exertion, emotional stress , strenuous exercise, infection with bacteria that live in the mouth (oral thrush) Some medications can also trigger this symptom If you do notice you are having more frequent episodes when your hormone levels change check with your doctor Source : http://www-medlineplus.gov/encyclo… Source : https://emedicinehealthquestions….

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