What Causes Sweating For No Reason?

If the sweating is due to too much sunlight, try taking an over-the-counter vitamin D supplement. If this does not stop the perspiration, it may be a sign of menopause or thyroid gland problems. To avoid sweating in hot weather, wear loose clothing and sunglasses.

Why do I sweat so easily?

Sweating is among the body’s primary methods of temperature control. Under ordinary circumstances, your skin produces more heat than you have to maintain normal body temperature at rest (about 98 degrees Fahrenheit). This excess heat energy is dissipated through evaporation from your skin’s surface into the atmosphere through your pores. Without this process of evaporative cooling by sweat glands on your skin surface and hair follicles in armpits and groin areas, you would overheat very quickly while inactive if no means were available for transporting heat away from one area to another where it can cool down before reabsorption by circulation back to its original location on your body surface [1].

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