What Causes Sweating At Night?

The main cause of night sweat is due to a condition known as hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive sweating in the underarms and at the feet.[9] This can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature that results from increased nervousness or anxiety.[10] Sweating occurs when there is a greater amount of blood flow to the skin, which helps cool our bodies down. As well as causing unpleasant odour, this sweat may also promote bacterial growth on your underarm area if not properly washed away after urinating or showering each morning.[11] In some cases where hyperhidrosis occurs on more than one part of the body (such as hands), it’s referred to as ‘allodynia’ – pain caused by touch.[12]

Night sweats are often confused with menopause-related hot flushes,[13][14][15][16](in fact they are sometimes used interchangeably) but they differ in several ways:

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