What Causes Sweating At Night While Sleeping?

A. Night sweats are not uncommon in elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. They may be due to fluid retention, which can cause excessive sweating on the face and neck. If you have night sweats while sleeping, try applying cool cloth to your head at bedtime prior to going for a nap if this is more comfortable than wetting yourself by accident during sleep (it will dry up soon). However, if it persists despite these measures, talk to your doctor about an underlying medical condition such as hyperthyroidism or adrenal tumor(s) that would require treatment rather than treating the problem “unintentionally” by shaving/drying up skin before you go back to sleep!

Q: What causes urine leakage when I wake up?

A: This is likely due either to very poor bladder control or stress-induced incontinence (sometimes referred to as overactive bladder), although sometimes it could also be related simply to waking up too early from a deep enough sleep and having trouble urinating without straining — for example if you just woke from a long nap during the day and went straight back into bed after dinner because you felt tired again. In either case, there isn’t much we can do besides encouraging good bedroom habits like avoiding caffeine late in the day when your body naturally produces less urine overnight; drinking plenty of water; getting extra exercise; increasing fiber intake; taking medications like Tums (d

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