What Causes Sweating After Eating A Meal?

I am a vegetarian who has been practicing for over 30 years. I eat out only every few weeks and even then it is usually very special and not fast food or junk food. I have never had any problems with this, but recently I ate at a local restaurant where they serve burgers and fries. Within about 2 hours of eating the burger (and drinking water), my hands were clammy/sweaty to touch; however when I wiped them the skin felt dry. (It was still slightly warm in that area.) The next day, both hands were clammy/sweaty to touch again – exactly like what happened with the burger! The following day one hand was normal, while the other hand remained sweaty after waking up in the morning…very different from how it normally feels: smooth (not moist) and cool-touchable!

At first I thought perhaps something in their mayonnaise or dressing had caused an allergic reaction on my left side – but then why did this happen just after eating? Also being a vegetarian all my life, there is no known cause for me to get “allergic” reactions from things such as cow’s milk products which are consumed daily by many people including myself since childhood without causing these types of symptoms….I have eliminated several foods from consideration so far: eggs, beef, pork etc.. However being completely new here don’t know if you can help me investigate further…..


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