What Causes Sudden Sweating?

A: Sudden sweating may be caused by a number of factors. However, the most common causes are due to stress and anxiety. Stress can cause your body to sweat more because it tries to get rid of toxins from adrenaline that has been released during an intense fear response. Anxiety is another cause of excessive sweating since it results in muscle tension and increased blood flow which can also lead to sudden sweating. The third common cause is infection with tropical microbes such as Malaria or Lyme disease causing itching so much so that you scratch all over causing profuse perspiration or even a rash on your skin resulting in sudden evaporation of moisture from every inch of the body including the head, neck, hands and feet leading to extreme discomfort throughout the day. It’s extremely uncomfortable when this occurs especially if you have sensitive skin like I do but fortunately there are some natural preventative measures that will help avoid these situations from occurring at all!

BENEFITS OF CUTTING DOWN ON THE MOISTURE IN YOUR BODY :- 1) Your skin gets dryer 2) It stays cleaner longer 3) You smell better 4) You smell nicer 5) Loosens up those muscles for easy movement 6) Increases circulation 7). Helps keep weight off 8). Reduces cellulite 9). Helps reduce wrinkles 10). Improves digestion 11). Improves sleep 12)…How many people walk around with a layer of sweat weighing them down?

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