What Causes Sudden Shaking And Sweating?

There are several conditions that can cause sudden shaking and sweating. One of the most common is diabetes, which affects approximately 9% of the population in the U.S., according to National Institutes of Health (NIH) statistics. The condition can be controlled through diet, exercise and insulin therapy. Another common cause is hyperthyroidism, a thyroid gland disorder that affects about 1-2% Americans over age 30 years old; it can also be treated with medication or surgery.

A rarer cause may include primary vestibular neuritis (PVN), an inflammation of nerve cells in the inner ear that results in vertigo (a feeling of spinning). PVN may be caused by head trauma or other infections; however many people experience symptoms after undergoing radiation treatment for cancer or treatment for another disease such as Parkinson’s disease , AIDS , tuberculosis . It may also develop due to certain medications taken during pregnancy or from childbirth ; however this is rarely diagnosed because it often occurs without any symptoms before developing later on after menopause . In rare cases, PVN is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait from one parent but does not become apparent until late childhood/early adulthood when children have already been born. This condition requires immediate medical attention since dizziness will progress into complete loss off balance if left untreated long enough by itself.[1]

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