What Causes Sudden Profuse Sweating?

Sudden profuse sweating is the most common, and also one of the most troublesome reasons for visits to your doctor’s office. There are several causes of this condition, but it can be broken down into two main categories: primary (or idiopathic) hyperhidrosis and secondary (secondary or psychogenic) hyperhidrosis. You may have heard about primary hyperhidrosis before; it refers to excessive sweating that occurs in people who do not know why they sweat so much. Sudden Profuse Sweating often goes hand-in-hand with Primary Hyperhidrosis, which happens when patients overproduce an overactive sweat gland that results in excessive perspiration. However, you could also suffer from Secondary Hyperhydration if you have a medical condition such as diabetes mellitus or thyroid disease that causes increased urine output due to fluid retention or high blood pressure that forces water into the body via the kidneys and veins rather than being eliminated through sweat glands. In some cases there is no clear cause for sudden profuse sweating at all – this disorder seems more random than anything else!

What types of conditions can lead to sudden severe sweating?

There are many different types of diseases and disorders which may result in sudden intense sweating episodes involving large quantities of perspiration including medications side effects such as anticholinergics used during radiation therapy treatment, heart problems like cardiomegaly or valve dysfunction called dilated cardiomyopathy resulting from blockage of

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