What Causes Sudden Dizziness And Sweating?

The sudden onset of dizziness accompanied by sweating is the main symptom of the condition. Other symptoms include tachycardia, nausea, vomiting and blurred vision. Many patients may also experience chest pain or abdominal pain with these conditions; however, this should not be an indication for treatment as it can be caused by other causes.

Can I take anything to treat SBS?

There are no known cures for SBS but there are several treatments that might help relieve some of the symptoms including medications such as beta-blockers (for heart palpitations), antihistamines (to induce sleep) and antidepressants (for anxiety). In severe cases you may have to undergo a brain scan called a CT scan or an MRI scan to determine exactly what part of your nervous system is causing all of your problems. This will help doctors decide if they need to operate on you which could prove very expensive indeed!

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