What Causes Stomach Cramps Diarrhea And Sweating?

I am 22 years old and I have had stomach cramps for the past several days. They come on suddenly, usually after eating or drinking something that has upset my stomach or if I haven’t eaten in a while. The cramp comes up into my chest and then goes down to my legs like contractions do when you are having labor pains. It is really bad at times but other times it isn’t so bad at all; sometimes its just uncomfortable, like an ache because of the muscle tension/contractions. Sometimes they last for hours (like before) but most of the time only minutes depending on what caused them (and how much pain i went through). I also get chills and feel very cold because of this discomfort during these episodes; however thats not always the case either since some times i don’t feel any symptoms besides mild sweating especially when its happening less often than others that aren’t as intense as others described above! My question is: What causes these symptoms?


It’s possible that you’re experiencing gastro-intestinal reflux disease which can cause a variety of symptoms such as abdominal bloating, heartburn, nausea etc.. Your symptoms could be related to a bacterial infection too… consult your doctor for diagnosis/treatment /disease /symptoms link . Hope this helps!

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