What Causes Shivering And Sweating?

It’s an involuntary response to the cold. It’s also a protective mechanism in which your body is trying to keep itself warm. You can see this when you put on a sweater or jacket too early in the morning, and then start shivering because it’s so cool outside – but if you wait for about 30 minutes before putting it on, you won’t be as bothered by the temperature. That’s because your body has already started sweating and warming up.

There are two types of sweat: apocrine and eccrine sweat glands (which mainly produce odorless perspiration). Eccrine sweat glands are found all over your hands, armpits, feet, eyelids and genitals. Apocrine sweat glands secrete pheromones that cause us to smell bad – sometimes we say “you stink!” after someone else wears certain perfumes or colognes (the concentration of these chemicals varies from person-to-person).

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