What Causes Shaking And Sweating?

Sometimes it is due to orthostatic hypotension, which can be caused by fluid loss or low blood pressure. If you are not able to get your blood pressure up quickly, then the body gives up on getting rid of extra water. The following symptoms may result:

Shaking limbs (especially when standing) Shivering Sweating A feeling of warmth in the face Nausea Weakness Dizziness Headache Muscle cramps Decreased hearing

The two most common causes for these symptoms are dehydration and low blood pressure. Dehydration occurs if enough fluid is lost from the body via sweating, diarrhea, vomiting or excessive urination. Low blood pressure happens when there is too much salt gained through diuretics like alcohol and caffeine use as well as high sodium foods such as processed meats and soft drinks. Also low levels of certain vitamins including vitamin C might cause an imbalance in electrolytes that lead to a possible diagnosis of hyponatremia. You can prevent both problems with sufficient hydration before exercise or during an intense workout session!

How do I stop my legs from shaking?

There are several things you can try before heading out onto any race course: Add more salt to your diet Drink plenty of water Eat some chocolate Chew gum Keep away from caffeine Use warm showers During heat exposure Drink ice-cold fluids Ice packs Wrap yourself in blankets Take deep breaths Try cold showers Do not swallow saliva Swallow hard Gently massage legs Compress muscles Very

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