What Causes Severe Sweating?

There are many causes of severe sweating. These include:

• Heat rash (papular erythematous patches) • Arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis • Vaginal or rectal cancer • Primary hyperthyroidism (tumor of the thyroid gland that produces too much thyroid hormone). Other causes can be a pituitary tumor, diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar), Cushing syndrome (an endocrine disorder in which excess growth hormone is produced), Addison’s disease (inability to produce sufficient amounts of adrenalin), liver disease, kidney problems and excessive fluid loss from the body.

How does heat rash look?

Heat rash looks like raised small red bumps on the skin surface. There may also be smaller blisters filled with clear fluid. The bumps are usually itchy before they blister open. They usually appear on sensitive areas such as the neck or upper back but sometimes occur on other parts of the body where there is more sweat production—such as under arms or around hips and thighs. A person with heat rash often has swollen lymph nodes near their armpits or groin area because these areas become swollen during an outbreak of this condition due to increased levels of bacteria in hot weather conditions that help cause bacteria-related skin infections.

What are some possible complications? What should I do if I have these symptoms?

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