What Causes Severe Sweating During Sleep?

Allergies, nervous system disorders, and sleep apnea are the most common causes of uncontrollable sweating at night. Oftentimes these conditions can also cause excessive daytime drizzling. Many people assume that they have only one of these conditions but the truth is that all three may be present in any given individual. For example, someone with allergies or sleep apnea might be able to control their symptoms during the day but not when trying to fall asleep at night. A person suffering from both allergy and sleep apnea will typically experience severe nighttime sweating along with heavy morning dewiness (or worse).

What Are Some Causes Of Night Sweating?

The following list includes some of the more serious medical conditions which can cause excessive night time sweat: Allergic reactions (often caused by pollen) Autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Cancer Depression Endocrine disorders Fibromyalgia Heart disease Multiple sclerosis Parkinson’s Disease Sepsis/Septicemia Sleep Disorders Cervical dystonia Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Dysautonomia Hypothyroidism POTS RLS Trigeminal Neuralgia Ulcerative Colitis Wheezing Sleeplessness has been linked to high body temperatures due to poor blood circulation in certain areas of the body during sleep causing excess heat production on a mainly superficial level insomnia insomnia occurs when you cannot get quality rest because your mind won’t stop racing Insomnia is so bad it’s hard for you to think

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