What Causes Random Sweating?

• Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be caused by stress or anxiety; an overactive sympathetic nervous system; thyroid conditions, tuberculosis, diabetes and Addison’s disease; diseases of the adrenal glands such as Cushing’s syndrome or chronic infection with certain bacteria.

• Chronic severe sweating is the result of a defect in one of several sweat glands—the eccrine gland on the palms and soles, usually located between hair follicles. This condition is called hyperhidrosis or excoriation which means excessive shedding of skin cells from these areas. It often occurs after menopause when estrogen levels decrease dramatically. The more common cause of this disorder is a pituitary tumor called macroadenoma adenoma that produces excess growth hormone stimulating production of sweat glands in some people who have already been exposed to high levels for many years before becoming ill. A small benign brain tumour called pineocytomas also can produce excessive secretion from eccrine sweat glands but this does not occur frequently enough to explain most cases of hyperhidrosis described below.

What are some ways to treat random/severe sweating?

• Antiperspirants work best if they contain aluminum salts because they help block moisture-producing ducts at your base under your armpits and prevent them from producing more perspiration than you need for cooling purposes during hot weather. Your doctor may recommend antiperspirant treatments based on his assessment that you suffer frequent

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