What Causes Profuse Sweating?

Although sweating is not always a sign of illness, it does appear to be the body’s means of controlling its temperature. Most people sweat when they are hot or under stress; however, some people simply perspire more than others. Certain medical conditions may cause excessive sweating. The most common causes include:

• Diuretics — Medications that increase urine production can also cause a person to experience increased perspiration and heat intolerance. If you have been taking diuretics regularly for several months without consulting your doctor, call him or her immediately to find out why this medication has caused you to feel so fatigued and weak. You may need an adjustment in dosage or other treatment options should dehydration become a problem for you while on these medications. • Hyperthyroidism — An overactive thyroid gland can lead to excessive sweating as well as anxiety, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure (hypertension). A simple blood test will usually uncover hyperthyroidism if it exists by looking for unusually high levels of T3 and T4 hormones in your bloodstream. Elevated levels of these hormones indicate excess activity from the thyroid gland itself rather than from medications taken by someone else with hyper-activity from that organ How do I know if my symptoms are due to excess thyroid hormone? Symptoms such as weight gain, nervousness/anxiety along with unexplained fatigue all point toward elevated thyroid function tests should be performed on yourself periodically during which time you might ask your health care provider about opting into

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