What Causes Profuse Sweating From The Head?

1. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) 2. Tension headache Positional head and neck trauma (whiplash, fracture of skull base, intracranial injury)

19 Headaches Brainstem: Cervical T1-T6 Facial nerve: Trigeminal Vagus Parasympathetic outflow from brainstem to cranial nerves and maintaining all body functions that involve head and neck muscles Middle meningeal artery branches into the plexus of veins supplying the scalp for local anesthetic blockage at injection sites Meningitis may cause severe headaches in children Systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or progressive encephalopathy due to Alzheimer’s disease can also cause headaches

20 Diagnosis 1. History 2. Physical examination 3. Radiographic evaluation 4. Lumbar puncture 5 . Blood tests 6 . Electroencephalogram 7 . Magnetic resonance imaging 8 Examination of periorbital skin lesions is important but not always available 10 The most effective diagnostic method for diagnosis of causes is clinical correlation with laboratory findings 11 Complete physical examinations are essential even if no abnormalities are found 12 When possible, radiological assessment should be performed initially 13 A systematic approach must be followed until a definite diagnosis is reached 14 Specialized diagnostic studies include spinal fluid analysis 15 Computed axial tomography 16 CT scan 17 MRI 18 Spinal tap 19 Antiseptic treatment 20 Surgical exploration 21 Stereotactic surgery 22 Other investigations 23 Treatment

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